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  • Airchain is a solution for companies and individuals who want to invest in digital asset mining, staking and masternodes.
  • It offers security, trust, transparency and a diversified portfolio. It is the first of its kind to combine all these features in one platform.
  • Airchain is based on an innovative concept that allows investors to earn passive income.

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Airchain Pool

The Airchain Pool allows smaller investors to access our miners. Each investor owns a portion of their investment in the chosen miner(s), proportional to their initial investment. The profits generated by the pool are divided according to the percentage of each investor.

Example on 21 000€ invested on a miner*:
The client A invested: 11 130€ so he owns 53% of the pool
The client B invested: 840€ so he holds 4% of the pool
The client C invested: 2 520€ therefore he holds 12% of the pool
The client D invested: 6 090€ therefore he holds 29% of the pool
The client E invested: 420€ so he holds 2% of the pool
for a total income of 1 000€ net

* The above values are given only as an example and do not represent the reality

Who are we?

A company specialized in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The company was founded in December 2021 by Edouard Siffointe CEO and Sarah Chaignaud Managing Director.
Airchain was founded with the mission to offer a transparent and simple way to invest in crypto-currencies.
We offer different services: mining, staking and masternodes and hosting our miners.

We are not just a seller of miners, but a full service center that will help you find the perfect solution. Our team can help you identify the best offering for your needs, whether if it is for a large-scale corporate project or for an individual consumer need.

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We are a human-size company.

Edouard Siffointe
Sarah Siffointe
Franck Modolo
Benjamin Masson
Guillaume Robin


June 2019

Start of the research and development of the RCMS platform.

April 2020

First developed miner

March 2021

First Alpha Access

August 2021

Website and Apps in development

January 2022

Preview of the website

Q1-Q2 2022

Public sales

Q4 2022

US operational launch

Q4 2023

Development of the mobile app

Q4 2023

Crypto Exchange

Q1 2024

Hashrate rental service

Frequently Asked Question

Please find below our FAQ to answer your questions.

What is crypto-currency?

Crypto-currency is a type of digital currency that relies on cryptography to secure transactions. It was first introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. The name crypto-currency comes from the fact that it uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money, which ensures the security of users.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that allows us to verify the identity of our customers and thus identify them. In order to comply with French regulatory requirements, we must collect certain information that will remain for the exclusive use of our company.

To perform your KYC, go to the "KYC" section in the "My account" area. Then follow the instructions to proceed with the online identity verification. The process is carried out using the tools of our partner SumSub.

Yes, you are the owner of your tokens and can get them back at any time if you wish. Please note that for some staking products, a release time is imposed by the project. As a reminder, these delays do not depend on us.

What is crypto currency mining?

Crypto-currency mining is a process of generating new crypto-currency. This process is done by solving complex mathematical equations, called blockchains. There are many types of crypto-currencies and they all have different algorithms.

With the growing popularity of crypto-currencies, more and more people are considering crypto-currency mining as a way to make money. The advantages of crypto-currency mining can be summed up in these three points:
- It is a decentralized system that is not dependent on banks or governments.
- It is an open source system that anyone can use without restriction.
- It is a secure system because it uses cryptography to ensure security. Translated with (free version)

The cost of crypto currency mining is not uniform. It depends on the type of hardware you use and where it will be hosted.

The profitability of a machine depends mainly on 3 factors:
- The price of cryptocurrencies: naturally, if the calculation is made when bitcoin is at 30000€ or 15000€, the results are different.
- The difficulty: this is the number of miners on the network. This is because the rewards of mining are shared among the miners. The more miners there are, the greater the difficulty and the smaller the amount of cryptocurrencies mined.
- the cost of electricity: machines are energy consuming. It is crucial for a miner to pay the lowest possible price for energy in order to optimize his performance. Translated with (free version)

Miners are particularly noisy machines. Installing a mining machine in your home is not really appropriate. Although the level of nuisance is up to each person's interpretation, it is not recommended to install this type of equipment in a living room. It is preferable to place them in a dedicated room, or to have them hosted through our hosting service.

Each mining farm project is different. It is defined on a case by case basis according to your needs. We invite you to contact our teams to determine the key points for the success of your project.

Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) are two different types of consensus protocols that help secure a blockchain. Proof of Work is the first type of consensus protocol in Bitcoin. It was created to ensure that only the person who has invested the most energy in solving a mathematical problem can add a block to the blockchain. Proof of participation is an alternative to proof of work and has been implemented in Ethereum, Cardano and others. Proof-of-participation is designed to have everyone who holds coins on a blockchain participate in securing it by voting on valid transactions. The differences between these two protocols depend on how they distribute rewards for mining blocks, how they elect leaders or delegates (miners), and how they reach consensus among nodes. Translated with (free version)

What is staking?

Staking is a validation mechanism that consists in immobilizing a quantity of crypto-currencies in order to obtain interest. This system, in its operation, is similar to that of a savings account while offering more interesting prospects of return.

Staking allows you to earn interest from your crypto-currencies. If you don't have the skills or the time to do it, our service allows you to grow your assets passively.

Depending on the project, the annual interest rate (APR) can vary from 5 to almost 50%. The list of the different APRs is available directly on the staking page. Please note that these APRs are not fixed, they may change over time according to the rules defined by the projects.

The APR is the annual interest rate. The APR applies to the tokens and not to the amount in € invested at the beginning. Example: You buy 100 MATIC on 01/01/2022. The APR of MATIC is 38%. If it remains fixed throughout the year, on 01/01/2022, your investment will have generated 38 MATIC of interest (38% of the initial 100 MATIC). Interest is credited every minute except for ICON (every 24 hours) and SNX (every 7 days).

The list of crypto-currencies as well as the next availability are directly available on the staking page.

The staking starts 24 hours after the order.

Staking earnings are credited at regular intervals in cryptocurrencies directly on your customer area. The conditions may vary depending on the project. All these features are displayed on the staking product page. Once your earnings are on your balance, you are free to withdraw them whenever you want. You also have the option of exchanging your earnings for other crypto-currencies or reinvesting your interest to generate even more tokens.

You are free to request the withdrawal of your cryptocurrencies whenever you want. Some projects may have specific deadlines to get your tokens back, these deadlines are displayed in the conditions of each staking contract. This is called the unstaking period.

Management fees are applied to our staking service. These fees are variable for each project and can be found directly on the product page.

It is possible to deposit your own tokens to initiate a staking/lending contract. Go to the product page and click on DEPOSIT

The main risk is the volatility of the market. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investment products. Investment always rhymes with risk. It is this risk that makes this form of investment interesting.

Each project listed on our platform must meet a number of requirements. An analysis is carried out over several weeks or even months before a project appears in our catalog.
This selection is based on several criteria:
The fundamentals: the project, the team and the community
The market: available cash and partner exchange platforms
Technical: complexity of the implementation, node management, compatibility with the requirements of our security department. Most of the time, Royal Cloud Mining Solutions becomes a technical partner of the project by operating for the good functioning of its network. This technical collaboration allows us to be closer to the project and to better control its operation.

Staking fees are deducted at the source. This means that everything you receive on your wallet belongs to you and there will be no other fees on it. The amount of the fee varies depending on the project. This information is available directly on the staking page.

Since staking is a totally dematerialized product, you will not receive anything physical at your address. However, it is essential to provide an address for billing purposes. That's why we ask you for an address when you order.

What is a masternode?

Literally, a masternode is a network node that performs different tasks on a blockchain. To illustrate, let's compare the masternode system to an enterprise structure. In this situation, the enterprise as a whole represents the cryptocurrency.
The president of this company is the blockchain, he is the one in charge of running the company by making essential decisions for its development and setting up rules to follow. The masternodes are the team leaders who must complete a mission in order to move the company forward. Each mission completed correctly will be registered on the Blockchain.
The employees are the nodes who are responsible for completing the task requested by their superior. If the job is done correctly, then the masternode will be able to forward the information to the next level.

Reward: these are the rewards, the tokens you receive.
Collateral: this is the quantity of tokens needed to constitute a masternode. This collateral is recoverable, you remain the owner. The only exception to this rule is the Sinovate project.

Masternodes are used to secure a Blockchain. There are different ways to secure a blockchain. Mining is the best known but not the only one. On this blockchain, masternodes are used to anonymize and carry out instant transactions on the network and also give the right to vote in order to participate in decisions taken in a decentralized way.

After your order, your masternode is activated within 72 hours.

The interest is applied on your collateral and not its value in euros.
For example:
The Polis masternode made up of 1,000 Polis tokens with an interest of 26%*. At the end of the year, you will get 260 Polis. However, the value of these tokens will depend on the Polis price.
*This APR is indicative

You can sell your collateral whenever you want. You are the owner of your masternode, you are free to sell your tokens at any time without any additional cost. (With the exception of the Sinovate project whose collateral is burned)

From a certain amount, we can accept your own tokens. Contact an advisor (make a request)

As for the staking projects, the masternodes listed on our site are selected according to several criteria. An analysis is made before each listing.
This selection is based on several criteria. The fundamentals: the project, the team and the community
The market: available cash and partner exchange platforms
Technical: complexity of the implementation, node management, compatibility with the requirements of our security department
If you are interested in a masternode that is not offered on our site, you can request a quote from our teams. Technically, we are able to install any masternode.

Full masternodes: you own the entire node.
Shared masternodes: you only own a fraction of the node. It makes no difference to the user. Whether you invest in full or shared masternodes, you get the same functionality.

No, if you place multiple orders for the same masternode on different dates, each shared masternode will appear as a separate contract. Rest assured that whether you have 1 full masternode or 2 times 50% of a masternode does not change your performance at all.

Fees of 5% are charged on the performance of the masternodes in real time. These fees cover the maintenance of the node, the servers and the custody. Installation fees are already included in the price displayed on the site.

These invoices correspond to the 5% fee that is applied to the masternode rewards.

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